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There are many ways in which I can help to diminish your confusion and suffering around death and dying. I tailor my services to fit every client’s specific needs. 


  • Advance planning

  • Advocacy for loved ones needing end-of-life care

  • Death midwifery services

  • Coaching on how to have "the conversation" with loved ones

  • Arranging for video or audio recordings for a Legacy Project

  • Education on becoming a "dying friend", creating a community of support

  • Coaching on how to simplify your life, possessions and worries as you age

  • Coaching about home death and home burial

Services such as these are billed at an hourly rate of $70. I also offer package rates for individual and group consultations, below. If cost is an issue, please contact me. I want this help to be available to all, regardless of financial circumstances, and will do my best to work with you.

 Advance planning consultation

Advance planning consultations are done in two parts: an initial session of approximately 2 hours, and a follow-up session of 1 hour.

Initial session

We begin with a simple exercise to "drop in" to the poignancy of the subject matter. One of the reasons we avoid thinking about our death is because of the emotions that arise when we do. I hold the space in a way that allows you to calmly explore the terrain.  


We then assess any advance planning that is already in place, to determine if it still reflects your wishes. Next, we turn to Loving Exit’s "My Last Wishes" binder, which contains paperwork relevant to many different life situations, and tailor it to fit yours. I leave you with the "homework" needed to complete your binder.


Follow-up session


This will usually take place no more than two weeks after the initial session. You’ve made the decision to do this important work, and we want it to move forward without unnecessary delay. We'll address any questions that have arisen since our last session and will put things in place to complete your “My Last Wishes” binder. 


These consultations can be done one-on-one or in a group. Group sessions can be surprisingly fun; you can even set it up as a wine and cheese party if you choose. 


Individual Advance Planning, with completed My Last Wishes Binder: $190. 


Group Advance Planning, with completed My Last Wishes Binder:

Base price of $150 + $40 per person

I am not qualified to offer legal advice, but I can refer you to lawyers who specialize in estate matters. 

"I don’t think I could have asked for a more dedicated and compassionate person

to be there for my mother during her final hours than Tara Lupo."

                   ~ Lisa Weinstein

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