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Death Midwife

A midwife, as the word suggests, facilitates birth: the passage of a human being into the world. At the other end of our lives, we can also benefit from the presence of an experienced helping heart. A dying person’s friends and family are often too upset, panicked, or in denial to attend to their loved one in a way that brings peace and comfort. This is when a death midwife can be a blessing. 


Midwifery services can be helpful at any time after a person has accepted that they are dying. In the early stages, a death midwife can be a person's "dying friend," someone they can talk

to without the grief and fear that often arises when talking with family members or friends.

A death midwife is the dying person’s ally. 


As a hospice chaplain, I have sat with many people as they took their last breath. It is an honor and a privilege to hold the space of openness and acceptance at such a profound time. I am also able to bring clarity and understanding about the dying process to family members and friends, so that there is more of a chance those at the bedside will be calm and present for their loved one's departure. 


It is impossible to predict when a natural death will occur, so end-stage midwifery is an on-call service. Please contact me if you or someone you are caring for would benefit from midwifery services, and we can discuss how to make it affordable for you. 

"I don’t think I could have asked for a more dedicated and compassionate person

to be there for my mother during her final hours than Tara Lupo."

                   ~ Lisa Weinstein

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