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I am passionate about this work because I find death to be richly beautiful. You might think this is an odd way of looking at this very difficult subject. I see death as an opportunity for deep authenticity, for profound connection with those we love and with the natural order of things. I believe it’s important that we reclaim our right to have a natural death, to have a sense of empowerment around our dying. I am dedicated to changing the conversation around death in our culture. 


The sadness and grief that death brings are real. I do not want to minimize them. But I feel that as a society we need to turn toward these emotions and embrace them, instead of turning away from them in denial. I have also seen the joy that comes when a person is well prepared for death and invites their community to be a part of the natural and beautiful process of leaving their body.


I've lived in Taos, New Mexico, for 23 years. I am a hospice chaplain and a certified hypnotherapist and massage therapist, with experience in bereavement counseling, hospice volunteer training, mediation, and community education. I have also managed various businesses, so I'm comfortable with paperwork. Decades of meditation, qi gong, tai chi, and wilderness hiking have given me a strong spiritual foundation, which I draw on in my work with the dying.

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